On September 23, 2011, the collections abuse victim filed suit against CMRE FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC., for violations of the FDCPA and RFDCPA. Ms. Vardanyan had suffered from several health problems and had accrued some debt from those medical bills. In an attempt to collect on the alleged debt, the debt collector from CMRE FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC constantly and continuously placed collection calls to Ms. Vardanyan, seeking and demanding payment. Ms. Vardanyan claimed CMRE FINANCIAL SERVICES violated the FDCPA and RFDCPA by:

(i)                  Calling Ms. Vardanyan on an almost daily basis, sometimes multiple times per day, for a period of several weeks;

(ii)                Leaving voice messages for Ms. Vardanyan, failing to identify itself as a debt collector or that it was seeking to collect an alleged debt;

(iii)               Calling from its phone number and requesting return calls to be made to another of its phone numbers; and

(iv)              Requesting that Ms. Vardanyan reference CMRE FINANCIAL SERVICES’ account number when returning telephone calls.


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