ARE YOU A STUDENT LOAN BORROWER sending big payments every month to your loan servicers, rather than becoming a first-time homebuyer?  If you are unable to pay your debts, under the FDCPA, debt collectors CANNOT HARRASS YOU!



WE CAN HELP YOU! The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is working with the Department of Education to solicit input on a “financial aid shopping sheet.” This sheet will help students understand the debt implications of their college choice. They are also supervising private loan providers to ensure they comply with Federal consumer financial protection laws, providing tools for borrowers to help them navigate their student loan repayment options and setting up a student loan complaint system to help ensure that private student lenders and servicers are responsive to potential mistakes and problems that borrowers encounter.


If you have incurred any debt, including debt from student loans, and you are the victim of illegal and abusive debt collection behavior, the experienced Orange County FDCPA attorneys at The Manning Law Office will defend you! You could receive monetary damages and payment of attorneys’ fees and costs, once evidence is marshaled. Call 949-200-8755 today, to sue the collector that is harassing you! Call now because the statute of limitations on this type of case is ONE YEAR!