A recent article featured on creditcards.com discussed the horrific true stories of debt collection harassment. It wasn’t simply complaints of repeated phone calls or rude employees on the other end; these stories recall almost unbelievable acts of harassment, one which includes a threat of digging up the body of the debtor’s daughter and even shooting her dog.


Shocked? It’s a harsh reality for some who have been victimized because of some unscrupulous debt collectors. It’s not unheard of these days for some debt collectors to use social media sites like Facebook to locate a debtor, learn about their private lives and actually stalk and harass them and their family, too.  Read this story about how debt collectors use Facebook to stalk and humiliate.


If you are reading this article, you may know someone who is in a similar situation, or perhaps it is yourself. Simply ignoring an abusive collector will not make the harassment problem go away; under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have real legal rights to defend yourself. The FDCPA prohibits any sort of harassing behavior from debt collectors, among other things such as contacting third parties about your debt, using profane language with you or lying about who they are.


If want to discuss your story with an FDCPA debt collection harassment attorney for free, call us at 949-200-8755 to setup a consultation. You may be entitled to monetary compensation and you may recover for emotional damages from abuse debt collection practices! There are NO upfront fees to you — our fees are paid by the debt collector when we win.