On August 12, 2011, the collections abuse victim filed suit against RIVER COLLECTION & RECOVERY SERVICES, INC., for violations of the FDCPA and RFDCPA. The collections abuse victim claimed that RIVER COLLECTION & RECOVERY SERVICES violated the FDCPA and RFDCPA by constantly and continuously placing collection calls to the collections abuse victim on a daily basis despite being informed that the collections abuse victim was disabled, unemployed, and despite being asked to cease and desist all telephone calls. RIVER COLLECTION & RECOVERY SERVICES violated the FDCPA and RFDCPA by:

(i)                  Engaging in conduct of which the natural result is the abuse and harassment of the victim;

(ii)                Causing a telephone to ring repeatedly and continuously with the intent to annoy, abuse, and harass the victim; and

(iii)               Placing collection calls to the victim with such frequency as to be unreasonable and to constitute harassment to the victim under the circumstances.

The trusted consumer protection attorneys at The Manning Law Office defend you against the illegal debt collector behavior alleged in this FDCPA lawsuit under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act and the Rosenthal Act. The collections abuse victim in this FDCPA case should receive monetary damages and payment of attorneys’ fees and costs, once the evidence is marshaled. Call (949) 200-8755 today, to sue the collector that is harassing you!