This is a common question that can arise for divorced couples or even for those who have just had their spouse pass away. Whether it’s credit card bills, hospital bills, or even business debt, it’s important to know when you’re legally held financially responsible. The big determining factor is where you live.

In California, debts incurred by a spouse during their marriage are owned by both individuals in the relationship (also referred to as community property). But, in the case where the spouse has passed, you may still be liable for their debt. And if you are divorced, many times the debt is only owed by the spouse who took on the debt.

If you received a collection letter or call regarding your deceased spouse or divorced spouse, you may have been falsely held financial responsible – in other words, you might not even owe it. To be certain, it’s best to contact an attorney. The attorneys at Manning Law Office are here to help sort out your questions in your most delicate time of need. Call us at 1-800-600-6225 to schedule you free consultation.