With most services, you have the right to cancel at any time and typically you pay off any outstanding amount you owe before leaving. However, in the case of one Californian woman, cancelling her alarm service did nothing as she got stuck with a huge bill that she didn’t owe in addition to a huge drop in her credit score.


Read more about it on the Consumerist article , “How Does Alarm Company Send Former Customer To Collections 4 Times For A Bill She Never Owed?” and see the video below.

If you have received a letter in the mail or a lawsuit from a collections company claiming you owe something you don’t, you need to fight back. We’ve written a lot about the rising trend of junk credit card lawsuits where victims are getting sued for amounts they don’t owe and how many lose by default simply by not appearing in court to defend themselves. If you need information or help on how to defend yourself from a credit card lawsuit, contact my law office at 949-200-8755. Our credit card defense attorneys can talk to you during our free consultation to see what  rights you have based on your situation and what you may be entitled to.