Recently, a U.S. district court has shut down a debt collection company out of Houston, TX  for alleged FDCPA violations after investigation by the FTC. The collector, Goldman Schwartz, had allegedly told a Virginia woman “that she would be arrested and jailed for three years, and would lose her disability payments if she did not pay a $980 debt.” That statement itself is not true and is not allowed to said to a debtor under the FDCPA.

In addition to this comment, the FTC’s complaint charges that Goldman Schwartz had violated FDCPA by falsely representing their company as a law firm, harassing people with profane language and repeated calls, adding unauthorized fees and more.

Read the entire press release here.


The FTC allows consumers to report organizations that they feel have violated laws and consumer rights — those that are deceptive, fraudulent and unfair. We also help investigate collectors and take legal action against those who have violated the FDCPA. We work directly with consumers who have been wronged by debt collectors; if you feel you’ve been harassed or lied to by a debt collector you may be eligible for monetary compensation. Call the Manning Law Office today at 949-200-8755 to schedule your free consultation. Keep in mind that the statue of limitations is just one year, so acting quickly will be in your best interest. Our debt collection attorneys are standing by and ready to help.