On April 1, 2010, the collections abuse victim filed suit against CALIFORNIA RECOVERY SERVICES, INC, for violations of the FDCPA and RFDCPA. Ms. Gardia claimed that CALIFORNIA RECOVERY SERVICES engaged in harassment and abusive tactics, violating the FDCPA and RFDCPA, by:


(i)                 Calling her three (3) times per day;

(ii)               Using rude and abusive language when speaking with her;

(iii)             Attempting to collect an amount not authorized by the agreement creating the debt;

(iv)             Threatening her with legal action if she did not immediately pay the debt;

(v)               Threatening to have her arrested at work if she did not immediately pay the debt;

(vi)             Calling her employer, and discussing the debt with two (2) of her managers;

(vii)           Telling the managers that Ms. Gardia was committing fraud by not paying the debt and could go to jail;

(viii)         Asking the managers to speak with the Divisional Manager so that the collectors could garnish Ms. Gardia’s wages; and

(ix)             Failing to notify Ms. Gardia of her rights under state and federal law by written correspondence within five (5) days of initial contact, including the right to dispute the debt.


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