It’s not even close to Halloween yet we are talking about bringing back people from the dead. At least, in a debt collector’s and borrower’s standpoint in this story (and unfortunately, it is not an uncommon practice), a dead woman’s signature appears in thousands of affidavits submitted by Portfolio Recovery Assets, one of the largest debt collectors in the U.S.

According to the Wall Street Journal article,

“Lawsuits have surged as more borrowers fall behind on payments and collection firms turn to courts to get what they are owed.

After being sued for fraud, Portfolio Recovery Associates decided in early 2008 that any documents bearing Ms. Kunkle’s name had “defects” and shouldn’t be used when trying to collect debts, a company spokeswoman said” Read the rest here.

With robo-signing scandals in the debt collection industry being brought to light regularly lately, it is ever more important to be aware of your rights as a consumer. If you think a debt collector has violated your rights by harassment, robo-signing, or suing you for an amount of money you don’t owe, you need to fight back. Contact our Orange County debt collection attorneys at 949-200-8755 for your free consultation and to see if you are entitled to any monetary compensation.