The FTC had amassed over 4,000 complaints regarding an organizations that, for over the period of two years, allegedly tried to illegally collect on payments that were not owed to them or did not even exist. The FTC’s case against the organizations Villa Park, California-based Varang K. Thaker, American Credit Crunchers, LLC, and Ebeeze, LLC includes a judgement for $5.4 million.


So what was the scam? The defendants had allegedly violated the FTC Act and FDCPA by having their workers in India make millions of calls to consumers claiming that they were delinquent on a payday loan, further saying that the companies were affiliated with the government/law enforcement/attorney and went as fair as making threats of jailing them if they do not pay. It is alleged that the the defendants had obtained the name and contact information of the consumers from data collected when they had applied online for a payday loan.


According to the FTC press release:

“Saying they represented the local police department, the “Federal Department of Crime and Prevention,” or simply a “federal investigator,” the callers allegedly typically demanded more than $300, and sometimes as much as $2,000.”

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