It’s not a surprise that debt collectors know where you live but how exactly do they know where you work? Have you ever got caught by surprise when a collector called your work looking for you? How exactly are they obtaining this information?

That’s what was trying to find out as they report their findings in this article, The Surprising Way Debt Collectors Know Where You Work.

The answer? There’s a database available online at that allows people such as employers, employees, and in this case, debt collection companies, to obtain your work phone number.And interestingly enough, this database is owned by credit bureau Equifax.

The way The Work Number works is that tens of thousands of companies — 20,000 to be exact — sign up with The Work Number and they use (it for) employment verification. When you had a job at a big company and you apply for job at a new company, you put on your resume that you used to work at Company A.

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On top of that, the service allows others to see detailed work history such as your salary and and even health insurance information.


A debt collector CANNOT call you at your work if you have told them, either verbally or in writing, that you cannot accept calls there. If they do, then they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and you are entitled to fight for your consumer rights!


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