Since when have you heard any positive news about debt collectors? The ugly truth about debt collection agencies is that many do so unscrupulously. The FTC recently filed a complaint against one of the world’s largest debt collection agency, Expert Global Solutions, for allegedly violating collection laws under the Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act.


So what exactly did they do wrong? The FTC charged that the collection agency harassed people by repeatedly calling debtor’s even after they were asked to stop, calling during FDCPA prohibited hours of the day or at work, and even leaving voice messages speaking of the person’s debts and disclosing their name.


Now, Expert Global Solutions is agreeing to pay a $3.2 million penalty to the FTC and also agreeing to change their practices.


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If you think you’ve been harassed by a debt collector, you must take action soon. You may be entitled to compensation if we find they have violated the FDCPA. Contact my office to speak with a collections attorney. During our free consultation, we’ll evaluate your situation and see what you may be entitled to. Call us at 1-800-600-6225.