Are credit card companies legitimately suing credit card borrowers? That’s the question explored in the latest article featured in the New York Times article, “Problems Riddle Moves to Collect Credit Card Debt” in which they overview the deeply troubled process of credit card lawsuits reminiscent of the wave of improper foreclosures that is still plaguing the housing crisis today.

The problems from the lender’s lawsuits include:

  • Accuracy in credit card balances or how much is actually owed
  • Adding erroneous fees to borrowers debt
  • False evidence
  • Lenders not following proper legal procedure
The amount of credit card lawsuits is increasing in huge numbers.


Has something like this happened to you? Are you being sued for an amount of debt you don’t owe? If you think you have be wrongfully sued by your credit card lender, contact my law office today at 949-200-8755. You have legal rights!