Have you been sued by your credit card company because of your unpaid debt? The first thing to do is avoid panicking! If you been sued by any creditor…


1) Review the lawsuit documentation thoroughly. Check the amount they say you owe to your own records.

2) Make a file of all related documents concerning your debt, such as credit card statements, proof of payments, etc.

3) Don’t get intimated; fight back. The worst thing you can do is not appear in court. Hire a credit card defense attorney to ensure you will receive the best representation. Depending on your situation, you may even be entitled to monetary compensation.

4) Many credit card lawsuits lately have been under fire and scrutiny as many have been brought on illegally by robo-signing tactics and other flawed practices such as incorrect unpaid balance reporting. A credit card defense attorney can review the details of your suit and situation to uncover any such potential wrongful activity!


If you are unsure how to defend yourself properly and want to avoid paying anything you don’t truly owe, contact the Orange County credit card attorneys at the A+ BBB rated Manning Law Office. We always offer a free initial consultations!